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Personal Life Coaching

Converge Life Coaching offers an array of resources, products and services to help you increase clarity and live your life with intention…

Business Coaching

Business owners, executives and managers gain a greater sense of purpose at work as they define their vision and disseminate it to build healthier company culture.
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Personal Coaching

Coaching sessions designed to discover life purpose, develop professional skills, and promote personal growth.

Business Coaching

Define vision, mission and values for your business based on your unique calling as a leader.

Organizational Coaching

Learn to disseminate your company’s vision, mission and values throughout your organization to promote a unified culture.

What Is Life Coaching?
What is Convergence?

Life coaching is a skill that differs from consulting, which primarily imparts, or counseling, which primarily heals. Life coaching draws out. It uncovers and it discovers. It’s a relationship which seeks your success by helping you to understand all that is uniquely you. Life coaching then helps you to live intentionally by aligning who you truly are with life endeavors that will be most meaningful and inspiring to you, living a life which brings joy and fulfillment.

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A Life Coach Helps With;

Support, encouragement and accountabilty...
  • Believing in you to help you believe in yourself.
  • Being a partner who celebrates with you.
  • Helping you get back up when you fail.
  • Encouraging you to learn from your mistakes.
  • Asking about your progress on your goals and action steps.
Clarity of Identity and Purpose...
  • Recounting your dreams and visions.
  • Understanging your personality type.
  • Discovering your unique calling and design.
  • Listing your skill sets.
  • Moving toward a greater sense of purpose and fulfillment.
Aligning Your Values and Calling With Business and Career
  • Converging your passions with your career or business.
  • Nurturing healthier relationships in the workplace.
  • Cultivating a positive culture in the workplace.
  • Building “spiritual capital” at work.
  • Increasing company viabilty through character development.
Strategic Planning...
  • Defining Goals and Action Steps.
  • Helping you set priorities.
  • Creating a Strategic Life Plan.
  • Designing a career path.
  • Refining your vision, mission and values statements.
The "Aha" moments...
  • Asking searching questions to promote those moments of sudden revelation, inspiration, insight, or comprehension.
  • A revelation, enlightenment, understanding.
  • Helping you to be “reflective” about your life purpose and design.
  • Fitting the pieces together that didn’t previously make sense.
  • Connecting the dots.
Your Life Congruence
  • Establishing healthy life balance.
  • Discovering a sense of wholeness and well being.
  • Loving your life; yourself, your relationships, your job, your lifestyle because you’re on a path of convergence and continual growth.


My Story

First and foremost I’m a husband to my wonderful wife ,dad to seven incredible children and Papa to 10 beautiful grandchildren. Our family has endeavored to keep the main thing the main thing; Family.

In have spent fourty years in the restaurant industry. I have opened new restaurants, ran other people’s restaurants and owned my own. I have primarily been a chef and although I love to cook, helping people succeed in life has been my greatest passion.

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“Lee Conway was my life coach for my business as well as for finding my life calling.   I gained tremendous insight into who I was called to be and how to get there.”

“Lee’s unique approach to coaching gives him an ability to lead others into their calling with pinpoint accuracy and success.”


“Lee Conway facilitated a training for our team. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the curriculum and Lee really has a gift for stimulating engaging discussions. Everyone felt the experience  enriched their lives.”

Personal Life Coaching

Personal Convergence eBook

Written to provoke a desire to understand more about yourself; your unique design and what you’re called to do.

Personal Coaching Package

An 8 session coaching package designed to coach you through The Personal Convergence Study Program.

Personal Convergence Program

Define your values, beliefs, goals, and skills to promote your success.
This program helps you create a Convergence Success Framework.

Business Coaching

Business Convergence eBook

Work life was not meant to be at adds with our values and life purpose. This Ebook explores the promise of a better work experience, in harmony with who we are.

Business Coaching Packages

3- 8 session coaching package which walk you through a discovery process to define your business mission and and values creating a strategic plan to align those values in your workplace.

Business Convergence Program

Converge your personal values and purpose with your business vision, mission and vulues staement to begin creating a synergystic impact on the culture of your workplace!

Organizational Coaching

Organizational Convergence eBook

Your greatest asset at work is your employees. This Ebook discusses the prospect of cultivating a more caring and nurturing culture at work.

Organizational Coaching Package

This 8 session coaching package takes you step by step through the Organizational Convergence Program. Identifying a strategic plan to disseminate your Mission and values throughout your workplace.

Organizational Convergence Program

This program and culminates in the certification of your leaders as life coaches in your workplace. These Converge Life Coaches are also trained to coach your workforce in your business mission and values.

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